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Presidential Primary Election Day

los angeles presidential election voter guide 2016

Westchester-Playa Democratic Club Voter Guide

WPDC Ballot Endorsements for the June 7, 2016 Primary
Polls Open: 7a-8p

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 The Westchester-Playa Democratic Club follows the endorsement of the California Democratic Party (CDP) in Federal and Statewide candidate races and follows the endorsement of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party (LACDP) in local and municipal candidate races and positions on statewide and local ballot measures. The California Democratic Party does not endorse a presidential candidate.

To view a complete list of CDP endorsements go to and to view a complete list of LACDP endorsements go to



* Denotes incumbent  


Hillary Clinton
Bernie Sanders
No Endorsement

United States Senate

Kamala Harris

US Representative - 33rd District

Ted Lieu *

US Representative - 43rd District

Maxine Waters *

State Assembly - 62nd AD

Autumn Burke *

County Central Committee - 62nd District

(Westchester-Playa Democratic Club Executive Board Recommendation. Vote for all 7 candidates.)
Gloria Gray *
Carolyn Fowler *
Joy D. Brown-Price *
Cara Robin *
John Frierson *
Patt Sanders *
Paulette C. Francis

County Supervisor - 2nd District

Mark Ridley-Thomas*

County Supervisor - 4th District  

Janice Hahn  

Los Angeles County District Attorney

Jacqueline Lacey*

Judges of the Superior Court

 Office 11 – Debra Archuleta
Office 60 – No Endorsement
Office 120 – No Endorsement
Office 165 – Kathryn Ann Solrzano
Office 42 – Cyndy Zuzga (Westchester-Playa Democratic Club Executive Board Recommendation) 
Office 84 – Susan Jung Townsend
Office 158 – Kim L. Nguyen

State Ballot Measures 

Proposition 50 – Suspension of Legislators (SCA 17 Steinberg)

No Consensus
(Westchester-Playa Democratic Club Executive Board Recommendation)

Constitutional Amendment - The state Constitution has rules for how to remove (expel)  state lawmakers for wrongdoing but no rules to suspend them for a limited period of time. The measure would add rules to the state Constitution about how to suspend state lawmakers, not just how to expel them including without salary and benefits. Prohibits suspended Members from using powers of office or legislative resources. Suspension would require a 2/3 vote of fellow lawmakers.

 Every vote counts!  When Democrats turn out and vote, the greater our chances to get the results we are fighting for. 

We hope that this Voter Guide will help you when casting your vote in the June 7th primary. Please continue to support our efforts to bring you valuable information on candidates and issues by renewing your membership and/or becoming a new member via the link below.
Democratically yours,
Your Westchester-Playa Democratic Club Executive Board
Bill, Sheila, Travis, Vince and William