William Tanoos

As an attorney specializing in Social Security disability, I have advocated for thousands of afflicted clients in various states throughout the country in order to help provide the necessary financial and medical security that all Americans deserve. I have been very fortunate to witness firsthand the importance of Social Security as the bedrock of our country’s strength and prosperity, and I am fervently committed to seeing its continued growth and sustainability. In addition, I am a strong believer that the Democratic Party is the true champion of women’s rights, LGBT equality, addressing climate change, battling income inequality, comprehensive immigration reform, campaign finance reform, health care, and other progressive ideals. With effective communication and participation, the Westchester-Playa Democratic Club will continue to stand at the forefront of our shared cause.

First Vice President - Political Affairs

Onofrio Bertolini

Second Vice President - Operations


Recording Secretary

Maxwell Davis

Corresponding Secretary

Michael Millman

Michael Millman has served the Club on many activities and recent with Special Monthly Political Policy Workshop and help organize and produce the Club's excellent Presentation of the Homeless Solutions. Millman is a Trial Attorney and has some special background and experience with Affordable Housing and general Housing issues. Millman was former Member Mar Vista Community Council; and Co/Chair of the Plum. 


Travis Dina-Pham

I have had the privilege of being on the WPDC Board for the last 3 years and involved with the club on committees for the last 5 years. It is wonderful to see that we have grown together as a club and as a community over the last few years! I am asking for your vote for Treasurer this year. It is a position I have not previously held but I am looking forward to the new challenge. As many of you may know, my love for spreadsheets and numbers run deep. Thank you for your support of myself and our amazing club. Cheers to a terrific 2017!


Charlene Brax

As a Westchester resident for over 30 years and a passionate Democrat all my life, I am proud to be a candidate for the WPDC Executive Board as a member-at-large . I have been a member of the Club since it was organized in 2007, serving on various committees, including Bylaws, Nominating, Marketing, and Membership (maintaining the roster). I have also served on the planning committees for both the holiday and summer parties. Meeting and working with fellow Club members on projects to help our community and support our Democratic elected officials has truly enriched my life. Prior to retiring I worked over 30 years in health care administrator in both the public and private sectors.

Greg Dina-Pham

I have been a Westchester / Playa del Rey resident for the 16 years that I have been in Los Angeles and an active member of the Club for the past  5 years. I have served on many of WPDC event committees and look forward to expanding my role as we continue to explore and tackle location and national issues important to the Democratic Party. I'm a 2004 graduate of Loyola Marymount University (Go Lions!) and have worked in design and marketing roles at various companies, and look forward to combining my skills with the Club's needs to further advance our mission of promoting Democratic principles and values.  

CeAnna Ellner

Ken Feinswog

I was one of the original members of the Club and was active for a few years. Because of family and business commitments, I was unable stay involved in the Club. I returned to the Club last year and would like to become more involved by becoming an At-Large member of the Executive Board. I recognize the contributions that the Club has made to the Democratic Party and the community and I would like to assist in continuing and expanding those contributions. I am a loyal and informed Democrat and request your consideration for one of the At-Large seats on the Executive Board.

Jim Kennedy

Ellen Klein

I am a charter member of the Club and have been politically active for many years. I am very progressive.

Duane Muller

A Los Angeles native and lifelong Democrat, Duane (pronounced Doo-Ann) returned to her home state in late 2014, after a 20-year career in Washington DC. She is an experienced government relations and public policy professional, having served in the Obama, Bush, and Clinton administrations at the U.S. Agency for International Development and the U.S. Department of Energy, and for the U.S. Congress. Duane has worked in over 20 countries and brings a unique perspective to her work focused on international development and climate change policy. In recent years, she started her own consulting business, The Playa Group, which provides services around strategic communications, outreach, and advocacy. Duane received her Master’s degree in Political Management from George Washington University, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Diplomacy and World Affairs from Occidental College. She resides in Playa Vista with her husband, Peter Muller.

Marina Sirtis

I am an actor and have always been politically active. The climate in politics right now is so disturbing that I feel it is time to actually get involved in a much more hands-on way. I would love to be considered for a post on the board.