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The duties of the President shall be to: provide overall direction of the Club’s activities with the advice and consent of the Executive Board, preside over all Amended September 21, 2016 Page 4 of 12 Club and Executive Board meetings, sit as an ex-officio member of all committees; speak on behalf of the Club on matters on which the Club has taken a position; and perform such other duties that are consistent with the Club's Mission. The President, or the President’s appointee, shall be the Club’s first delegate to conventions, Central Committee, and CDC meetings. The President may authorize, with concurrence of the Treasurer, or in the absence of the Treasurer, with concurrence of a Vice President, expenditures in any given month up to an amount preauthorized by the Executive Board. Expenditures beyond the preauthorized amount require approval of the Executive Board. View Club Bylaws >

Associate Member

An Associate Member shall have the right to voice, but not to make motions or vote, on matters before the Los Angeles County Democratic Party (LACDP).  In addition, Associate Members shall have the right to be appointed to a special or Standing Committee, except for any committee which authorizes the expenditure of campaign funds, which determines campaign strategy or execution or which recommends endorsements.  Associate Members shall have full rights when serving in such a capacity, except they shall not serve as chairs or co-chairs of Standing Committees. An Associate Member shall meet the same dues requirement of this Committee as an Alternate Member. Each club chartered by This Committee shall have the right to designate one (1) of the club's members as an Associate Member.  This designation may be revoked upon written notice by the club to this Committee. LACDP conducts Democratic Party campaigns in Los Angeles County under the general direction of the Democratic State Central Committee. It is responsible for building the Party organization at the district, regional, and county levels; registering Democratic voters; and encouraging Election Day turn out among Democratic voters. Read more about the LACDP at this link

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